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  • How to find and book a hotel with Discover Ukraine?

    It’s very easy to book a hotel with us. All you need is to select your destination at the hotel search panel and to choose dates, number of rooms and guests. After pressing 'Search' button, you will see a list of hotels that are available for booking and correspond to your search criteria. You can sort the results by price, number of stars and popularity.

    On our home page you can find hotels you're interested in, sorted by sections Discover Ukraine Recommends and Popular Hotels. Most hotels, offered by Discover Ukraine, are in 2-star to 5-star category range. We publish pictures of rooms' interior, restaurants, recreation and entertainment facilities, for you to see how the hotel looks like. Hotel's page has a list of its basic facilities.

    At the hotel's page you’ll see our special price with discount, its location on the map and booking conditions for each room.

  • Where can I find hotel's contact telephone number or email address?

    After booking, all hotel contact information, including telephone number and email address, will be sent to you in booking confirmation email.

  • How can I check room's price and availability?

    In the left upper corner of our home page you will find a search panel, where you can select city, check-in and check-out dates, number of rooms and total number of guests. Once you found a hotel, you've been looking for, please, click on its name in order to see all types of available rooms. Initial prices include taxes and cost of service. Your booking will be accepted after you provide your credit card details.

  • Are the prices shown per room or per person?

    All rates are stated per room, not per person. Hotel's policy usually suggests that a room is occupied by two adults and a child under 12 years. Nevertheless, in some hotels the rate may be lower, if you live alone, while an extra charge is applied for a child staying on extra bed. We strongly recommend checking hotel's booking policy in detail.

  • What happens when I book a room?

    You may book any room on our website and immediately receive booking confirmation. We cooperate closely with hotels that are in our system and, therefore, we offer the best possible rates.

    After choosing the hotel and room, and agreeing with booking conditions, you will be redirected to our partner's website - Ukrainian Processing Center (UPC) - for making a payment. Discover Ukraine doesn't levy a fee for booking and doesn't write off any funds from your credit card. We block the cost of the first night on your credit card until you check in. The blocked funds will be available again within a day after checking in. Having settled the account, you will automatically return on Discover Ukraine page and see the status of your booking.

    Upon booking confirmation, you will be automatically emailed hotel's voucher. You need to print it out and show it, along with some ID (pass, driving license), when you arrive at the hotel.

    The voucher is emailed to you, only after we have verified information about funds' blocking on your credit card

  • How can I pay for my booking?

    Discover Ukraine accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards. The payment is carried out on the Ukrainian Processing Center's (UPC's) website, where you will be automatically redirected after selecting a hotel and filling in contact information. 

  • How safe is it to pay with credit card?

    Discover Ukraine has no access to your credit card details and doesn't keep them for itself. All credit card details are entered directly on the Ukrainian Processing Center's (UPC's) website; therefore, all your payments are processed using safe "Secure Socket Layer" (SSL) technology for encrypting all entered information. If you have any questions regarding funds transfer from your credit card, contact us through our online service.

  • My credit card was charged a higher amount than it is indicated in voucher.

    The difference is probably a fee, charged by your bank for this operation. There may be also a difference, if you pay in a currency different from the one indicated on our website. 

  • What happens after I have entered my card details?

    After you have entered your credit card details, we block the cost of the first night on your credit card unless otherwise stated. Note that Discover Ukraine doesn't write off cost of living in hotel from your credit card. The payment for your stay is processed by the hotel during or after your stay, according to hotel's specific payment policy. The blocked funds will be available again within a day after you check in. In case of in-time booking cancellation, blocked funds will be automatically unblocked within a day. Important: the term, within which the funds will be available on your card again, depend on the ISSUING BANK. 

  • What is your booking cancellation policy?

    Please, make sure you read our booking conditions carefully, before booking a room. Booking cancellation policy is shown on hotel's page for each room type and/or special offer. Note that processing fee (3% of the bill) will be charged per booking in case of booking cancellation.

    Any changes in dates or term of stay may also lead to cancellation fees. This applies to requesting term of stay reduction or changing the dates before or after check in. Please, note that the fee is set by a hotel, and not by Discover Ukraine. No-show is considered to be a booking cancellation, and you are charged a corresponding fee. If you book a 'Special Offer', you will be charged for no-show regardless of cancellation terms. Read cancellation/change of reservation rules carefully. They are provided for each room type on the hotel's page.


    If you plan to cancel your reservation, you should inform Discover Ukraine through our feedback form. You may also address our customer support service in English and Russian languages by clicking LIVE CHAT link at the bottom of the page (from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. (UTC +1), 7 days per week).

  • How do I change booking dates?

    You can change check-in date in your account, which you get upon registration on or by connecting our customer support service (click LIVE CHAT link at the bottom of the page). You cannot change the dates of 'Special Offer'.

  • How do I cancel my booking?

    You can cancel your reservation by contacting us via our feed-back form or customer support service by clicking LIVE CHAT link at the bottom of the page.

  • How will I find out that my booking was cancelled?

    Upon booking cancellation, you'll receive an email with cancellation confirmation. Please, remember to check the hotel’s cancellation policy before making any changes to your reservation. Non-refundable rooms and other special deals may have a different cancellation or change of reservation policy.

    If you cancel a reservation without any cancellation fees, the funds blocked on your credit card will be automatically unblocked within one day. Note that the term, within which the funds will be available on your card again, depend on the issuing bank, and not on Discover Ukraine.
    In case of cancellation after the allowed term, funds blocked on your card will be written off as a fee set by hotel. 

  • How can I make a Special Request?

    In the booking form you can make your Special Request on page, where you fill in guest information, in the field “Additional Requests”. The request will be sent to the hotel directly. Please note that some Special Requests are subjects to verification, are paid separately and aren't guaranteed by Discover Ukraine.

  • Can I order a shuttle to/from Airport?

    Discover Ukraine provides only hotel booking services. Room price doesn't include shuttle service from/to airport, but, if you need one, mark it in your Special Request. Whether a hotel provides transfer option or not is shown on the room booking page.

  • How long does room's availability verification take?

    All rooms available on Discover Ukraine's website are confirmed immediately. Your hotel voucher will be emailed to you once we have verified your credit card and blocked the cost of the first night on it. This usually happens within 30 minutes.

  • How do I check the current status of my reservation?

    Once you have submitted a booking, you will receive a Confirmation Email. In the attached file you will find the Hotel Voucher and the link to your account, where you can check/change your booking status. Email will be sent to the email address, you indicated in the booking form.

  • What is hotels' policy about children in room?

    Most hotels allow children to stay in the room with adults either with or without an extra bed. Regularly hotels do not charge for children under 12 years. Some hotels limit room occupancy to two adults and one child. Some hotels may also determine additional requirements for accommodation of children, therefore, we strongly recommend you to read hotel policies carefully (they are mentioned on the hotel's page) before placing a reservation.

    Regularly you have to request an extra bed for a child separately. Some hotels provide this service for extra charge. In case if breakfast is included in the room price, breakfast for children sharing a room with their parents is not included. In such cases the cost of breakfast is paid separately.

  • Is breakfast included in room price?

    Each hotel individually decides whether to include breakfast in the room price. If the breakfast is included in the room price, you'll see information "Breakfast Included" near the room type.

  • Who writes hotel reviews on Discover Ukraine site?

    All hotel reviews on our site are valid. Each time, when Discover Ukraine's clients check out from a hotel, we email them and invite them to write a review of their stay in hotel.


    We place all reviews (either positive or negative), written by real guests who have stayed in one of our hotels, provided that they correspond to our standards (no obscenities, racist or prejudiced content).  

  • Does booking price include extra services?

    Extra services (mini-bar, safe and other), along with other hotel's additional services, are not included in the booking price. You can find out the cost of all extra services at hotel's reception.

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